A day in the desert & a night under the stars

During our recent trip in Oman, we were lucky enough to spend a day in a desert. Aaaaand, we loved it.

Considering the Omani’s leisurly pace in life, we were lucky to have been picked up at the agreed spot on time by a Bedouin from the Wahiba Sands desert in Oman. He drove us through the desert to his camp located approximately  2 miles from the town. Driving through the desert in a 4×4 with a REAL Bedouin who grew up there and spent his time building his camel and goat desert farm surrounded by nothing but beautiful orange sand dunes. The ride was pretty exciting; we even saw a few camels. Very authentic and beautiful!

Upon arrival we were served sweet dates, juice, traditional Omani coffee and fresh fruits. We could choose between a room and a tent to spend the night – we opted for the tent! Let’s try sleeping under the stars!

We climbed the closest dunes to watch the sunset – I cannot describe how much I loved it. Imagine the sun setting down in all the yellow – orange colours, you silently sitting on a huge sand dune in the middle of nowhere staring at the sun with your mouth wide open. Noone was around, we had the nature’s performance to ourselves. I would go back immediately.

After sunset and running and playing in the dunes, we were served dinner – freshly grilled meat with traditional Omani food. After that, our host helped us to put on  traditional Bedouin clothes and gave us an introduction to Bedouin dances. Intrigued by this culture of nomads, we danced and sang and laughed.

Could it get even better?! Yeees. By spending the whole evening talking about Bedouin’s way of life in this part of the desert by the campfire under billions of stars shining above us! ♥ Okey, I mean, maybe I did not need to hear about desert scorpions and all but still.

After a short but nice and starry night we woke up to climb the dunes again and witness the most beautiful sunrise. Again, in private and with a camera in my hand to capture the morning fog and atmosphere on top of dunes. I did not want to leave the view behind but after an hour we were called to try milking goats and feeding baby camels. Count me in!

Obviously, I must recommend that you stay at this camp if you ever visit Oman. Just drop me a message and I will be more than happy to send you more information.












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