Dream life on the Hawaiian islands – Maui

After being excited for six months, spending 23 hours on planes and being @outontheway for more than 36 hours we finally arrived to the dreamland Hawaii! Yaaaay! We could not have chosen a better starting point than the island of Maui which offers sooooo many (and even more) activities. Here’s what one can do in Maui in a single week:

  • learn to ride waves (thanks to the best and funniest Hawaiian instructor)
  • witness a magnificent sunrise from the Haleakala crater (which I will never forget)
  • stand at the top of a volcano at night and stare at the sky with mouth wide open under millions of stars
  • visit a unique Red Sand Beach after an easy and fascinating hike
  • enjoy many pristine, beautiful, clear, clean, unpopulated (..etc) Hawaiian beaches with crystal clear water and watch thousands of turtles and other underwater life
  • snorkel, paddle, swim, watch wild whales during the season
  • visit the biggest blowhole in Hawaii which splashes out ocean water (insider tip: do not miss the beautiful heart – shaped hole in a nearby stone! 😉 )
  • do the famous Road to Hana offering unforgettable views! hundreds of turns, one – way bridges, dozens of waterfalls (I stopped counting them at 10), amazing beaches, black sand beach and stalls along the road selling my favourite Hawaiian food – BANANA BREAD!! You need to try that one. More than once. Do not feel bad if you buy 5 at once, that’s fine.

After a week in Maui, our hearts were full of beautiful memories. Seeing familiar faces in the streets every time we passed through the main street in Lahaina made us feel at home. By the end, we had our favourite places to eat, to shop and to watch the sunset from as it is such a small island. I was sooo sad when we had to leave and continue to the Big Island, but I was pleased that it did not let us down!

When booking our inter-island fligths, we came across a company called Mokulele Airlines. After booking a flight with them to the Big Island, we realized the flight was going to be much fun! At check in, we were asked about our weight and were seated in a way to distribute our weight equally (haha, not very funny after eating banana bread the whole week). We took off half an hour early because we were the last passengers to board – passengers number 4 and 5. It was such a nice flight in this cute small plane, we had an amazing view and joked with the pilots!

More about Hawaii and views from above in the next post! 🙂


sunrise at Haleakala





2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (1)



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