Paradise called Huahine

Have you ever heard of Huahine? No? Well, me neither. But then I stumbled upon a blog of a fellow traveller praising Huahine as the world’s most amazing island so I decided to check out whether it could possible be as great as Maui in Hawaii…


Verdict? I do not think it is the most awesome place on the planet, although it does come close. This peaceful, yet undiscovered island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is similar to several less-known islands in the French Polynesia. What makes the difference then? I would say that it has the right balance between wild and developed. You will find activities and eating out options but you might also be one of the few tourists on the island (thank God my blog does not have the popularity to change that J). So what did I like most about this paradise?

Water – incredibly blue water, probably the bluest blue I have ever seen and all different shades of it –snorkelling is possible pretty much everywhere because the corals are close to the shore and preserved.



Privacy – there are few locals on the island and very few tourists. I would recommend renting a small boat for a day or two and sail around the island to discover the bluest blue. You can anchor in most bays and enjoy the clean water or find a perfect little beach all to yourself and your other half 🙂


Hiking – Huahine offers amazing views over the clouded rainy mountains inland. It rains a lot in the inland but the clouds usually clear up quickly and that’s the right time for you to explore the island’s beauty. Do not forget you have to hire a guide to hike in Polynesia. When we tried to hire the only guide in Bora Bora, he was hospitalised with a broken rib caused by an overly ambitious tourist.

Small hikes – if you prefer small hikes from the beach, do so just behind the Avea Bay. There is a small beach a few hundred meters behind the hotel Maitai where you can dock your boat and explore. If you head into the jungle, follow the “trail” (more like a small path) or ask the local guy who spends his days there. He drew a map in the sand with his wooden stick! And after some time we found the perfect secret spot to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding bays and lagoons 🙂



Roulottes – the eating options are limited but we found that they were sufficient for us. The family-run “roulottes” can be found in the main village Fare. The food is tasty and cheap, one portion is usually enough for two. Not necessarily what you may called a balanced diet haha as most of the food is fried and quite heavy. But who is not cheating on holiday?!

Activities – there are only two places to rent water equipment. One of them is the Yacht Club and the second one is a small corner shop just next to it. The prices and offer are pretty much identical. The picture depicts our guide from Yacht Club preparing traditional Poisson Cru for us. We had an opportunity to have lunch in the water on a secluded motu not far from Huahine 🙂


Other impressions from the paradise:








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