Lanai – tiny Hawaiian beauty

As I obviously can’t stop dreaming about the Hawaiian islands, I have decided to write another blog post about one of them – Lanai. It is the sixth smallest island of Hawaii with a population of mere 3 000 people. That’s the thing I admire the most – even though all of the Hawaiian islands are secluded, separated from the closest continent by at least six hours of flight and are surrounded by the world’s purest waters, Oahu and Maui are quite famous among tourists. But Lanai is different.

There are only three roads along the island, a few homes and several shops.

We have decided to visit this pristine island as a day trip from Maui. There are very good ferry connections from Maui and a cruise takes only around 45 minutes. Time flies when you are enjoying the views of retreating Maui and Lanai drawing closer.


Our day trip took place on the 11th of September and we reminded ourselves of the cruelty that took place in this beautiful country years ago.


As we were approaching Lanai, the weather deteriorated quite significantly on one part of the island. On the contrary, the other part was sunny and looked inviting. Guess in which direction our boat was headed??! Exactly. Luckily, the storm was over by the time we have reached the port.



Upon arrival, we walked to the most beautiful beach of the island. Pictures to prove that.



I do realize I always write the same, but again, we were super lucky to have that beautiful beach all to ourselves (+ a few locals from time to time.)


I recommend going for a walk around to find these natural stone sculptures. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter some locals who will be more than happy to share the legends about them with you.








Lanai is a hidden gem as I like to call it and I definitely recommend visiting. There are three options to stay overnight, all of them pretty expensive though. But perhaps you can find other options – where there’s will, there’s a way 🙂

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