Blog revival: Early autumn

Hi again!

After a looooong time, I finally got to share something of my travels around this amazing world ♥ In the meantime, I finished a university, moved to Switzerland, married the love of my life and started looking for a job 😉 that’s quite a lot!

In the past few months, I have visited new places I loved: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Liechtenstein and Swiss mountains.. Let me share some pictures from the last of it, as the beauty of mountainous autumn struck me 🙂


This beautiful lake located in the Appenzell region in Switzerland is definitely worth the hike. I haven’t been there before but still I am sure it’s best time is autumn. The colors playing on the leaves and the calm October atmosphere create a unique combination.



Whim Wood

Katherine Towers

into the coppery halls
of beech and intricate oak
to be close to the trees
as they whisper together
let fall their leaves,
and we die for the winter

From Katherine Towers’ The Remedies


If I listened to all those people telling me not to shoot against a sun o:)


Autumn might be my new favorite season! I hope it will be long enough to enjoy its colors, pumpkins, over sized sweaters, long walks in the mountains or forests and to brace for a super cold winter here in Switzerland!


The cutest tiny restaurant at the top of hill. Hurry up, open only until early November! 😉

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